Pulp & Paper


Lauren and its subsidiaries have been serving the North American Pulp & Paper industry for over four decades. Our mechanical and piping construction expertise has led us to perform work in every sector of the Pulp & Paper Mill with construction projects that range from small, new installations to the construction of complete new facilities. Lauren is capable of handling all aspects of your project, from foundations to start-up. Lauren’s Pulp and Paper team averages over 20 years of experience and has executed a wide variety of projects including complete Pulp Mills, Recovery Boilers, Bleach Plants, TMP Plants, De-Inking Facilities, and Paper Machines.


Lauren maintains a permanent staff of professionals that address the specific needs of our clients through effective project management, planning, scheduling and timely execution of the work. Our construction supervisors are experts at handling all phases of the erection process, maintaining the highest standards of quality and meeting the most demanding budgets and schedules.


Lauren has extensive experience in the following areas.

    • Complete Pulp Mills
    • Steam Generating Plants
    • Bleach Plants
    • TMP Plants
    • De-Inking Facilities
    • Paper Machines
    • Pulping Group
    • Steam and Cogen Plants
    • Environmental

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